Grace Harbor Church Cape Cod
Displaying God’s glory among ourselves, our community, and the nations, by being a Gospel-centered community.

What We Believe

Our Mission

We exist to bring glory to God.  The Gospel (the good news of Jesus) is at the center of our identity as a church. God sent His Son, Jesus Christ, to die for sinners like us, in order to save us from death and to make us His people – His family.  As the family of God, our church seeks to love God, love each other, and help others in our community and across the world know about the hope and life found in following Jesus Christ.


Our Beliefs

We believe that God has given direction for our life and our practice in His Word, the Bible.  Our Statement of Faith is summary of what we believe are the core and essential teachings of God’s Word. 


Our Commitments

God’s people are called to live in community.  Our lives are meant to be given to serving God and serving others in the context of the local church.  As we live in fellowship with other believers, we grow together to be more and more like our Savior and King, Jesus Christ.  God’s Word gives us clear direction for our life together, and that teaching is summarized in our Church Covenant.  The covenant is an agreement that we hold with one another as members of this church, and is a commitment to live lives instructed and marked by the Gospel of Jesus Christ.