Grace Harbor Church Cape Cod
Displaying God’s glory among ourselves, our community, and the nations, by being a Gospel-centered community.

First Time Visiting

If this is your first time visiting us, we’d like to welcome you and let you know that we’ve prayed for you to have wisdom as you seek the Lord’s leading in your life. We certainly don’t think our church is for everybody, but we are thankful that you’ve come this far and want to answer a few questions that visitors tend to have when looking for a church home.

What are your services like?

Our services tend to be pretty simple.
We pray, because we believe that God is our provider and that He desires us to seek after Him. We sing, because God is worthy of our praise. We preach God’s Word, because we believe that God gives life through His Scriptures. We proclaim the Gospel, because it is the message of salvation for those who don’t know God and the message of strength for those who do know Him. We talk a lot about Jesus, because He is the only hope for the world.

What style of music should I expect?

We believe that whatever music we sing should be Christ-exalting, God-glorifying, and Scripture-saturated. We use instruments to encourage the congregation to lift their voices to Jesus with freedom and joy. We also believe that there are many songs from various times in history that both honor God and build up the church. In light of this, it isn’t uncommon to hear a song from the 1600’s in the same set with a song from 2016.

What should I wear when I come?

You’ll find all kinds of people wearing all kinds of different clothing. As long as you’re honoring the Lord with what you’ve got on, we don’t care if you’re wearing shorts or suits. The Lord is most concerned with the heart, not your attire.

What should I do with my children?

As we have young families with children, our desire is to provide as safe and enjoyable of an atmosphere as possible for the kids. Children ages 0-3 can be checked in at our Nursery. When you arrive on Sunday morning, you can take your child upstairs where a childcare volunteer will greet you and help your child get checked in. In each of our children’s classes, trained volunteers are present who have been background checked.

A class is also available for children ages 4-8. They will stay with their parents in the service until the beginning of the sermon, upon which they are dismissed and led by their teachers to their classrooms.

After the service, children 0-3 can be picked up at the nursery, while kids 4-8 will return to their parents for the closing song.

Of course, parents are free to keep their children in the service with them, and some families choose to do this. If you have questions when you arrive, just ask, we’ll be happy to help you in any  way we can.