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Grace Harbor Church Cape Cod is committed to biblical, expositional preaching.  


Psalm 45 - "The King & I"

3 Simple Steps for Bible Study

Observation – What does the passage say?

Interpretation – What does the passage mean?

Application – What am I/are we going to do about what the passage says and means?

Step 1: Observation – What Does the Passage Say?

- Pray for understanding

- Read the passage 2-3 times

 Things to look for:

            Literary Form/Genre – Narrative, History, Poetry, Prophecy, Letters

            Terms, not words




            Connecting words/Relationships between ideas (i.e., cause and effect, q & a, if-then)

            Comparisons & Contrasts


 Four “W’s”

             Who are the people in the passage?

            What is happening in the passage?

            Where is the passage/story taking place?

            When in time (of day, of year, in history) is it?

Step 2: Interpretation – What Does the Passage Mean?

            Five “C”lues

                        Context (passage, book, testament, Bible) [Where does the passage fit?]

                        Cross-References (Tool:


                        Conclusion [What is the main point?] 

                        Consultation (Tool: New Bible Commentary)

Step 3: Application - What do we do with what this passage says about….

God/Jesus/Holy Spirit